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Submitted on
July 8, 2009


6,844 (6 today)
I haven't been very active in DA lately as some of you might have noticed. It's funny how I have suddenly found myself lacking the time and energy to even remember such a silly thing as this art community. Who knew getting laid off due to economical issues(yup thats the second time the company I worked for went bankrupt) could actually make me even more busy.

With the joboptions available for a graphic artist being what they are in this day and age, I've had to resort to extreme measures. No, not whoring my ass, just doing something even a monkey could do: Washing and packing potatoes, and all kinds of other fruits and vegetables as well but mainly just potatoes, potatoes and potatoes. I'm just glad that the potato season drawing to a close since I started having these weird dreams where commandoes raided our workplace because someone had put Milky Way chocolate bars in the potato washer.

What can I say, I'm living the dream... and smoking again, for fooks sake.

I joined these things for heck knows why:
:iconcars-guns-babes: :iconheroes-fan-club: :iconinffinity: :iconfinalfantasyvi-club: :iconwheeloftime: :iconmalazan-art-guild:

Pimps, ho's, playas and all my other DA friends:
:iconsaibankan: :iconbongzberry: :iconsneedd: :iconflamencofrog: :icondominicabra:

I have great envy and respect towards these mothafucka's:
:iconralphhorsley: :iconno-sign-of-sanity: :iconkuksi: :iconchristopherstevens: :iconjprart: :iconchoffman36: :iconkse332: :iconleventep: :iconthechamba: :iconnjoo: :iconnebezial: :icondavid-holland:
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Voice radio
  • Reading: Night of Knives
  • Watching: True Blood and Battlestar Galactica
  • Playing: Mass Effect!!! Still
  • Eating: Microwave pizzas
  • Drinking: water and coffee
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Dominicabra Jul 15, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Ehehehehe!! potatoes get into one's life sooner or later, for some strange reason. I've avoided that potato stuff so far, but it only increases the probability of meetig them in some job. This is what happens when you refuse to prostitute your poop chute!
Dominicabra Jul 17, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
I think I do either
saibankan Jul 9, 2009   Interface Designer
Mä oonki kummastellu mitä kaikkea sulle kuuluu enää. Ite oon alottanu taas valmistautumisen kuvittajan tielle koska ei oo mitään muutakaan duunia ollu tarjolla. Vaan ei oo tullu tehtyäkkään mitään duunia koko kesänä ku nuo lehtitalotkin on kiinni aina näin kesäsin niin ei sieltäkään heru duunia. Täytyy vaan jatkaa piirtämistä ja portfolion parantamista, proteiiniruokavaliota ja raudan pumppaamista joka on menny jo täysin masokismiks mun kohdalla tänä kesänä.
Pitää nyt kattoa tän kesän jälkeen että mitä sitä sitten tekis. Ei huvittais jäädä hedelmä ja vihannes alalle.
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